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Welcome to EKOBUDOWA website
Konsorcjum Projektowo - Wykonawcze "Ekobudowa" Sp. z o.o. has been active in the construction industry since 1994. Our basic field is turn-key investment from project to start-up.

We carry out any type of installations necessary for functioning of industrial facilities, office buildings and public buildings. We approach our tasks in a comprehensive way from execution to start-up. Our designers involve in every job, giving it the highest priority. We provide guarantee and post-guarantee service, taking care of correct functioning of our projects.

Guarantor of  Quality and Safety
We have used the ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2003 also Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Systems BS OHSAS 18001 since 2014. In 2009, we implemented the ISO 3834 metal materials welding quality management system.
We also have authorisation of the Chief Office for Technical Inspection to produce and repair pressure equipment and pipelines of carbon and austenitic steels, pursuant to the 97/23/WE Directive of the European Parliament and the Council as well as the regulations of the Chief Office for Technical Inspection.
Our experience and qualified managerial staff is maintaining high quality of our services.

Gazela biznesu (prize)

Rapid and constant development featured our achievements and made it recognized in the prestigious ranking organised by Puls Biznesu, which awarded our company with the "Gazela Biznesu" prize several times. Our presence in the group of the most developing companies confirms strong position in the market and guarantees stability for our customers.
air conditioning, ventilation
heating and water installation
gas installations
hydrant installations
oil, gas and thermal oil boilers
heating networks, heat centres including measurements
orbital welding
engineering, roofing and painting
general, industrial and road constructions
wiring and process control systems
compressorhouses and compressed air networks
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